…I’m giving away 90% of my belongings….

That is to say, the belongings that I’ve accrued in London.

With the exception of my shoes (except the pairs with holes in them that are going to charity) and my formal dresses, I don’t feel inclined to keep anything.  I’m such a different person than I was when I first bought most of these things.  I don’t think holding onto them will be doing me any favors.  And I get this crazy feeling that just letting everything go will be immensely therapeutic (since I’m still bummed about this whole leaving the UK thing :-/).

So if you’re currently in London, and have ever admired my style: my T-shirts, coats, jeans or casual dresses are up for grabs.  Please, feel free to contact me to have a look through my things.  Otherwise, everything’s going to the Oxfam in Walthamstow.


~ L. Astounded


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