…Pour myself a cup of ambition…

I am officially a working woman.  In fact, as I write this, I am sitting at my computer in my assigned office space… I even have a sign that says my name.  I feel so official.

Since I work for a CRO who is very serious about the protection of client information and protection against competition, the information that I share with you about the company will be very sparse and non-specific (I signed all kinds of confidentiality agreements, so I’m legally bound to do so).  Just know, any opinions that I share with you about my company do not reflect the stand point of the company in any way… it’s 100% Ismanie.

Now that I got that legal stuff out of the way, I have to say that I think I will enjoy my time working for this company.  Though the salary was lower than I would have liked to earn, I can overlook it.  It’s decent money, just about the national average for entry-level positions.  Putting money aside, the work atmosphere is really great.  It’s been pretty hectic for the first couple of days, but after getting over the initial anxiety, while demanding, the pace is manageable.  The work is hard, but there’s tons of help offered.  Asking questions is in fact encouraged.  Anyway, since there will be more new hires, they’re taking it quite slow.  The really intense training will start in two weeks.

It does feel like the two co-workers who started with me are being given actual tasks much quicker than I am… in fact, to date I’ve received none.  The one guy is under a different manager, and the other girl is technically my superior, so it makes sense that our shared manager would debrief her before getting to me. Still…. It would be great to have something to do… since all kinds of social networking sites are blocked o_O….

But I am not wasting too much of company time (Anyway, I think a distraction every so often is healthy… it keeps me sane)… I’m using the vast majority unoccupied time I have to get some training forms and new hire paperwork out of the way ASAP… But I can see myself doing this for a few months, maybe longer… but not my whole life… I’m not meant for the 9-5…  I dream too big for that…