Social Ine(m)pt(i)ness…

I feel very dissatisfied with the way that my social life is going… As an undergrad, I had a very progressive, mind blowing group of young thinkers around me, people that I still to this day think will change the world… I had some very intellectually stimulating discussions which forced me to challenge and look at myself in different ways… and I also had plenty of nights of mind numbing partying and drinking… plenty of nights… because you need balance in life, you know?

I still have the opportunity to have those mind-numbing partying nights now. I’m not that old.  And I have a younger sister and friends that are still in college, but I don’t find the experience as satisfying as they were in college… I’m not old yet, but I’m getting too old to get drunk for the sake of getting drunk.  I’m old enough to want to live my life purposefully, despite my whole rebellion against growing up.

The partying just isn’t fun anymore.  And I don’t have those great mind stimulating moments to balance it out.  The conclusion I’ve come to is that I need more adult friends like myself so that we can combine the two: cosmos in Manhattan shared over a lively debate of religion and politics; a museum crawl ended in a cozy down-town pub; provincial wine and cheese tasting afternoons; an artsy lecture, dinner and a lounge… In short, I would like to have events where I can get that cultural and intellectual stimulation while not having to completely phase out of my love of alcohol… It takes a lot less to knock me out nowadays, post weight loss and non-frequent drinking.

The point of this rant is that I’m trying to find my balance in this new life… Spiritual, social and professional… I’m off balance right now, and the result is constant dissatisfaction with my situation.  It makes me an unpleasant person to be around and really, I’m such cool peoples…  Trying to complain less and be more proactive about the matter.


One thought on “Social Ine(m)pt(i)ness…

  1. You are right about needing to find people similar to yourself to hang out with. I will be 40 this month and by choice, my husband and I have no kids. It is hard to find people in our same type of social setting, who can go out, have drinks, social conversation. Usually they have a basketball game or play to get to, or just finally a night without their kids to relax. As we get older, we’re starting to find such people but it’s not easy. Good luck on your quest.

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