I’ve been thinking and I guess life isn’t so bad as I make it out to be.  Yes, I wish it were more eventful and interesting, but all and all, I have a job, I have people who love me, I have things to look forward too and that’s more than what some people have.  I have to learn to count my blessings rather than dwell on what I wish my life was more like because I tend to make myself miserable for nothing.

So, while still being proactive to getting to that life that I wanna live, I’m going to try to be more grateful for the good things I have going for me.  I hope to become a more positive person.   Not unnecessarily happy and cheery (I really hate those people… they need some grump in their lives), but reasonably so.

I heard a discourse in London some time ago, and one of the lines that stuck with me was this (it was in French, so I’ll translate):  “I’m happy that I feel pain, because it reminds me that I’m  still alive.”

I’m alive, I’m healthy (as far as I know), and for now, all is well… And that should be a good enough reason be happy.


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