My Ideal Life Plan

1. I get to be selfish and think only of myself my entire 20s (see #2)
2. I have fun… nothing forever, nothing serious, just pure and utter fun 😉
3. After I get tired of the selfishness and fun, I’ll grow up and get some responsibility… I dunno how, but it happens…
4. I start an insanely successful career and become extremely admired and an expert in my field…
5. Then fall completely, utterly and insanely in love with the man of my dreams sent to me by God… 🙂
6. Get hitched and be even more selfish for a few years…
7. Pop out six kids in ten years (Raise them right is intermittent in there somewhere)
8. Career change! Move to academia: Dean Guillaume-OfMyDreams sounds catchy
9. Retire around the third or fourth kid graduating college/high school… depends on how old I am
10. See my kids off into their own marriages and lives…
11. Retire to the Caribbean fueled completely by my six kids… I ain’t pop them babies out for nothing!
12. Grow old with Mr. OfMyDreams
13. Die happy after also accomplishing all the goals that I didn’t feel like sharing with WordPress 😛

To be successful, loved and put some of my DNA into this world!!!  That’s all I want… is that so terrible?!?!?


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