Geek Chic… On a Budget!

I have been a glasses wearer since I was about seven or eight years old.  Back in the day, you were not cool if you wore glass, period.  So when I was about eighteen, I decided that I wanted to see my face and I traded in my glasses for contacts… around the same time (while i was still in college), glasses made a comeback thanks to the  birth of geek chic.

Since then, I like to switch in between feeling pretty, getting all made up and wearing my contacts so as not to obstruct what I’m working with (conceited pout) and an incredibly trendy pair glasses that polish off a great, well put together look.

Problem was the trendiest pair were usually designer: Gucci, Fendi, AK, etc…  I spent $250+ dollars on a bad ass pair of Dolce and Gabanna frames in 2009 (not including the cost of the Rx lenses)… I lost them shortly before going to London.  I still cry about them sometimes.  Even with a Vision plan on my benefits, glasses still cost a pretty penny.  And now that I’m actually trying to save money, I have to think twice about spending a few hundred on glasses verses less than one hundred on my vision plan for a year’s supply of contacts.

So, imagine, if you will, my absolute elation when I found this site:  I literally just

A pair that I'm considering... Looks great with bangs and a bob

walked up a complete stranger whose glasses were so boss that I had to find out where they were from.  Not only is it less than $100 dollars for a pair of glasses with prescription (Rx), they have an excellent range of really trendy men and women’s frames.  You can find a pair of glasses that will complement your face shape and you can even shop according to face width (which is great for me, as I have a wide face that make glasses shopping a bit difficult).  They even offer a FREE home try on, where you can select the glasses that you like the most, get them shipped to your house (once agian FOR FREE) to try on in person to see which pair works for you!  You can then send them back for free and order your favorite pair with your Rx!

And here’s what really sold me:  for every pair of glasses bought, they donate a pair to an individual without access to glasses.  They’ve distributed Rx glasses to following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • El Salvador
  • Moldova
  • Ethiopia
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Nigeria
  • Ukraine
  • Bulgaria
  • Fiji
  • Costa Rica
  • Grenada
  • Lebanon
  • Philippines
  • Egypt
  • Trinidad
  • South Africa
  • Sierra Leone

So they’re incredibly stylish with a global humanitarian service mission: affordable and altruistic?!   I couldn’t ask for anything more!

To my fellow fashion and budget conscious geeks, go out in droves!!  Support this company!!  Warby Parker pretty much get an all around awesome rating in my book :-).


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