Let’s try this positivity thing…

I haven’t been posting much so, to all those who check my blog regularly, I apologize!  Hopefully I’ll make it up to you… Work has had a bit of down time recently, so I’ll be taking this opprotunity to make up for lost time.

I hope to take my posts in a different direction…  I realize, I complain a lot, I’m very melancholy, I overanalyze things and I’m very critical of myself and my situation…  I recently decided that I’m taking these next couple of years before my medical school entry to develop myself professionally at work, in order to instill myself with a better work ethic, accountability and to be more goal oriented.  So I’m using my employment to try and force these skills and ways of thinking upon myself…  And people have noticed, co-workers and bosses!

With my 24th birthday looming just around the corner, I  realize that that only leaves me a year before I’m 25.  I always claim that I will be ‘perfect’ by 25 because I intend to become the person that I want to be for the rest of my life by that time.  Just as I’m developing myself professionally, I wish to do the same personally to acheive that.  I want to be more positive and uplifting, less dependant on others and content with myself…   And I intend to share this personal growth with you… aren’t you lucky?

So, let’s give this positivity thing another crack, init?


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