I wrote this whole long, thoughtful post and somehow the page refreshed and I didn’t save.  So now it’s gone…


So all you guys get is my frustration… DAMMIT!!!!!!  


Don’t expect anything soon, I’m too angry…



Abnégation – I don’t know the exact word in English, but in French this words embodies self-sacrifice.

I’ve been incredibly self-centered since my return from London nearly a year and a half ago, so consumed with getting over my own unhappiness that I really didn’t take anyone else’s into account…

While I still have a number of goals I want to accomplish, I have now given up others… for the sake of those that I care about around me…  J’aimerais faire preuve d’abnégation… comme les Ecritures nous exhortent à faire.

Look, I’ve never been one to talk openly about my faith, I’m still not.  I’ve always considered my relationship with God to be between me and God only… while I have no problem explaining my beliefs, my personal faith and my relationship with God is not something that I’m comfortable sharing, even with those who share the same religious background…  That’s not to say that I’m of little faith, but since I was a child, my prayers were only spoken in my heart, not out loud.  I only spoke about my faith with those who helped me to advance it and improve my relationship with God… sharing it with anyone else was taken as an intrusion of the most offensive nature.  So I don’t share… Perhaps I’ll share it with the man I will one day  call my other half, but for now… I don’t share…   But I’ll share this much about my faith:  I can do so much better.

So for the sake of improving my faith and my relationship with God, I want to be more self-sacrificing…  Because it’s not always about me.

Still on the road to perfection by 25 ;-).