Like Diamant bleu vintage 1907

Aged and preserved
Like a fine wine: Classy, refined, expensive, and
Tuned only to the taste of connoisseurs

Too cultured for most
Who thus settle for the house brand
Or the cheapest bottle, passed around casually amongst
friends until it passes by his plate

Content enough that it’s not vinegar, it settles comfortably
in his mouth and he cares not for how it complements his meal or palette,
for it often does not
But the alcohol makes him complacent, as it often does,
And deadens the senses enough that he does not care…

So like that fine wine, many pass by, some of whom may glance and wonder,
ut rarely have the sophistication and courage to touch
or funds to purchase

So it continues to age, continues to grow finer
Until the day that one collector recognizes the rarity of the brand
The excellence of such a find and stops at nothing to make it his own…

Though not all priceless diamonds are mined and likewise, it may be lost in an unturned corner of winery, a long forgotten gem by all but the one that fermented and stilled the bottle with pride so long ago

But it is and always will a rarity and a treasure