The Previous Escapades of Lonely Beard

Back when I first started working at my company, all the young twenty-something new hires gathered together regularly for lunch.  Our group grew and shrunk as there were many ebbs and flows in the waves of new hires that came in.  Most would join our group and then eventually broke off into their own little cliques as it suited them. 

However, there was this one kid that we knew was a new hire in our department, but had somehow missed the memo.  Nobody was quite sure what wave of new hires he belonged to, but for weeks, we would all have lunch and this kid would sit by himself…  We all felt really bad that we had never invited him to sit with us, even worse because we couldn’t freaking remember his name!  So eventually we came to know him as Lonely Beard: thus dubbed for his substantial amount of facial hair and lone dining habits.

I think I was the one that invited him to sit with us one summer day.  And eventually he became acclimated with our group of workmates.  I’m kind of acquaintances with him now and he’s a a super, cool dude and fits in well with our group of friends.  The name Lonely Beard eventually faded from most people’s minds as we came to know him by his real name.

But I need a new hobby.  So I’m writing a comic strip!  Upon searching my memory for inspiration for comical and interesting protagonists, Lonely Beard was resurrected.  After a round of witty banter with a friend, the name of my comic strip was born: 

“The Previous Escapades of Lonely Beard”

The premise of the comic is that Lonely Beard will be this mysterious character that gets into a number of situations that lead to his untimely demise (a la Kenny from South Park) or otherwise hilarious conclusion.  I’ve already started sketching what Lonely beard would look like and I’m soliciting stories of previous escapades from my friends and drawing from my own life for inspiration.   I’ll be publishing another blog dedicated to Lonely Beard and friends.

 It’s still in the making, but I can’t wait to see what Lonely beard will be getting into next!