So, I’m Gonna Be a Doctor… No Big Deal…

So, I got into a pretty good medical school.  Which meant I had to move to Washington, DC.

Another big event in my life!  I keep doing this: making drastic life changes and big moves…  And of course, that means I need to start blogging again…  The process of change always starts these thought processes that I can only navigate through sanely by putting them down in written form.

I don’t mean to move around and change so much.  It just happens.  I hope that I’ll settle down at some point. But isn’t absolute uncertainty the point of this whole adventure that is your twenties: figuring out where and how you belong in life and what you want?   That’s what I’m inclined to believe.  Unless television has mislead me these past 25 years of my life.  And that obviously doesn’t happen, like, ever…

Now, my days are filled with lectures, studying and patient interactions (yes, they let us interact with patients from semester 1! With the proper supervision, of course).

Things are looking up professionally.  Finally!  And it’s exactly where I need to be and what I’m good at.  I just have to figure out how to streamline my focus and cut out distractions so I can commit all of this information to memory (for example, I should be studying fertilization and gametogenesis as I type this very moment)!

It’s a learning process *shrugs*.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now to figure out the rest of my life.   Eek!


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