10 Things To Know By 25

I’ll be 26 soon, so as this iconic age of 25 passes, I thought it fitting that I make a list of things I wish I had known by the time I turned 25.  A lot of these things I kind of already knew, but they truly hit home this year:

1) You always have a choice.  People like to throw around the words ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’.  But there is no such thing as fate.  We are masters of our own futures.  With the exception of the occasional unavoidable freak accident, the direction of our lives is our own choosing.  So choose wisely.

2) Be a good person because it’s the right kind of person to be, not because you’ll get something out of it.

3) You deserve nothing, you must earn everything.  And be grateful for what you do have.

4) Despite your awesomeness, you will be taken for granted at times.  But see #2.

5) Take steps toward a meaningful life.  You’re old enough to start taking yourself seriously, but you’re too old to not have known any better when you mess up.

6) It’s perfectly okay to leave everything to the imagination.  In fact, it’s classy.

7) Grocery stores save you money!

8) Be social.  We’re human, we like being around other people, isolating yourself is no bueno.

9) Don’t just state your goals.  Take steps towards achieving them.

10) Despite what your married friends tell you, it’s okay to be single.  You were born whole, you don’t need someone to complete your life.  Although it would be nice, it’s not necessary.  Take the advantage of being single in stride and live for you.

*Bonus*) You’re not old.


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