Python eats drunk man in India

Lords of the Drinks

When you drink hard, you might find yourself waking up in very strange places. However in some countries it’s quite risky to drink till you drop. A drunk man in India was taking a well-deserved nap outside a liquor store today, when he was discovered by a huge python. Unfortunately it was just around lunch time for the large snake, that smothered and ate him. The incident happened in the Attapadi area in the state Kerala. So if you ever have plans to go there on holiday, you better wait to get drunk until you’re safe and sound in your hotelroom.

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To the Wonder

I know that, by society's definition, I'm an adult now.  I've been trying to figure out what that means for the past few years. I've discovered it can mean a lot of things. It means being responsible.  it means being sensible.  Good lessons to learn. But often, it means settling. Which means accepting mediocrity.  On some …

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Zombie Apocalypse Unfolds from Within The Cubicled Confines of Corporate America

A creepy habit of mine:  I save almost everything ever sent to me (emails, notes, IMs, texts, etc).  I like to revisit the past sometimes, when the present isn't all that engaging. So when I was working back in Corporate America, at some point, to help pass the time, a few of us in the …

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I admire people with discipline.  Mostly because I think I lack the ability to deny myself sometimes, even when necessary. Recently, after some deep reflection, I've had to rectify my admiration a bit.  Why?  Because I've observed circumstances when discipline just plain sucks. There really should be a balance of risk taking, pushing yourself, moving …

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-- An excerpt from the novel that I'm working on (click here for more details).  Describing the children lost and forgotten within Child Protective Services.--- A shadow serves the essential purpose of confirming that an object exists and is firmly planted in reality.  You see, something that doesn’t cast a shadow can’t be real. But most people …

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