Lucid Dream

I pretend not to notice, but I know more than I will ever let on

Some act differently when they think they can’t be seen
So I stand, mute and def and dumb as far as you know
As you put on a show for the blind, your words saying what you think I want to hear
But your actions belying it all
I know more than you realize,
The knowledge of this I fear will corrupt me with its power
I can destroy but I choose to uplift
I can deny, but I choose to gift you with my generosity
I’ve emptied myself into selflessness
Feigning ignorance
And I bite my tongue so you never know that it was for you
It was always for you
And just the same, I will never show you the damage  you’ve done
As far as you know, you’ve won
As I still stand lucidly dreaming
It all away

This can’t be real


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