Bucket List 2

I need to get out of my head for a while.

My ultimate escape of the present (outside of writing and my active imagination) is planning epicness.

What’s more epic than trying to make your life as awesome as possible for those numerical milestones?

I’ve done this before (see my previous buck list here), but since then I’ve gained a lot of insight about what’s feasible and what I’m capable of… Funny how a few years change things.  Just to update you: I’ve accomplished nothing from that previous list.

So I have to do the following before I’m 30 (not in the right order, but you folks are smart, you realize which ones should precede others):

  1. Graduate Medical School and find where I will settle my roots… I’m tired of a change of scene every few years… Although at 17 – 23, all I wanted to do was drift.
  2. Complete an international rotation, preferable in a French-Speaking country… Ah, oui, oui!
  3. Visit Paris… I might be able to roll that into an international rotation… We’ll see!!!  But the French are horribly not progressive about a lot of things and I fear having to operate professionally within such a system.  Alas, we will see.
  4. Complete a novel with the intention to publish… Just complete it, publishing could take years, so that for another significant milestone.
  5. Be photographed and interviewed by  Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York

And that’s it.  Nothing outside of the realm of possible and still very true to me.  Your 20s are for living.  I’ve lived a lot, yeah, but I want to leave my footsteps in the sand, my mark for those to remember me by.  So that was a big part of a couple of the items on the list.  The next three and half years are going to be f#$@!-g epic.

Wish me luck, comrades!