This image really spoke to me today.  I was just reminded that when we encounter people, we get a small slice of someone on a continuum of life.  And for that one or handful of interactions, there’s so much more leading up to that moment…  While we may want to write off someone for a terrible first impression, you have no way of knowing if they are going through a loss, trauma or just hit a rough patch… not all of us were blessed with the skill of “faking it until you make it”. Because before that heart develops those scars that reinforces its strength, it’s wounded, it hurts and it has to heal…

So I try to give each person I encounter the benefit of the doubt unless I have some compelling reason not to.  If our interaction was sour, maybe that’s not the best version of themselves…. we’ve all been there.  I give them a chance and I’m usually pleasantly surprised.  Hope you all do the same.