After the Silver Screen Fades

Every year, I try to write a novel for National Novel Writing Month (see deets at  I have never completed the task, haha.

But I’m going to try again this year.  Just for the sake of it.

I don’t know if it’ll be any good, but here a short synopsis about what my novel is about.  My friend once called me a rom com gone wrong, so it’s kind of related to that:

This is the story about a girl.

You know the one.  She gets left at the alter when he realizes his one true love.  The one he’s with before he comes to his senses and realized it was someone else all along.  Yeah… her.  Nobody really tells you what happens to her after all the rigmarole that the leading man put her through.  But she lives on.  When everyone else is feeling good about the inevitable plot twist that take the main characters to their happy ending, she’s feeling something, too.

I’ve always felt that she feels matters.  She is not the smiling American sweetheart or heroine of the story who steals our hearts in the end.  Nonetheless, she matters.

I’m sure she had many names and stories, but for the sake of our purposes, her name here is Evie.  And this is Evie’s story.